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Morgan’s Mill

The full synopsis of Morgan’s MillMorgan's Mill by Bruce Fergusson

A year after his wife was killed in a small-plane crash, Thomas Morgan travels from his home in Seattle to the Eastern Shore town of Dare Creek, to visit his beloved grandfather and bear witness to a death of another kind:  the imminent razing of a 200 year-old grist mill that has long been a part of Morgan’s family history and his memory of boyhood summers in Dare Creek.

It is a June night in 1998, and on a lonely stretch of road enroute to his grandfather’s home Morgan cannot stop in time to avoid hitting a woman who darts out in front of his car.  She’s badly hurt, unconscious.  He hurries to the nearest phone to call for help.  Mystified police and paramedics are already there when Morgan returns.

The woman has vanished — and has not been taken to the local hospital.

Thomas Morgan will soon discover his grandfather, too, has disappeared.  Over the next six days, the high school history teacher’s life will change forever as he discovers not only the terrible connection between these two events, and the answer to his  own father’s disappearance long ago,  but also the secrets that lie beneath the mill that his grandfather had tried to save.

Morgan’s mill holds the key to these secrets and time is running out before it is demolished.  Even as Morgan renews a long dormant affair of the heart with Laney Davis, he puts her in mortal danger by his pursuit of answers to not only his own family’s shrouded history but that of the Tenches—the other family closely linked with the old grist mill.

For the beautiful and manipulative Camarie Tench, the mill’s demise will put an end to her husband’s sordid crimes and her own complicity in them.  The price of her silence is a special promise, one that her husband will pay dearly for if he does not keep it.

For Dr. Rawley Tench, a wealthy, prominent and vicious man obsessed with Civil War reenactments, only that promise—and Morgan and Laney Davis—stand in the way of his self-styled resurrection.

For Gordon Tench, the crippled and passive brother who is as tormented by the past as he is by Camarie and Rawley, now is the time for him to summon the courage he once had to save the life of the woman he loves—Laney Davis—in the only way he can.

What began for these two families in Civil War times will come full circle in a startling climax in present-day Gettysburg.

Seamlessly weaving history of the Civil War and Underground Railroad with a contemporary story of corrosive control, psychotic possessiveness, retribution and redemption, Morgan’s Mill is a suspense novel of chilling psychological portraits and signature detail.