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Pass on the Cup of Dreams


The third novel of the Six Kingdoms

Can a cut-throat reiver escape his nefarious past with the help of the only woman he’s ever loved and a promise he never dreamed he’d make? Falca Breks will find out on a journey through a wilderness more dangerous than the squalid city of his birth, toward confrontations with not only enemies past and present but also himself—and the lure of two things that could make him the richest and most powerful man in the Six Kingdoms.

Pass on the Cup of Dreams quickly immerses the reader in the imaginatively detailed fantasy world of the Six Kingdoms. Fergusson’s writing is excellent, the plot relentless, the characters wonderfully complex. If you enjoy gritty, dark fantasy you will find a feast here.” —Robin Hobb, New York Times bestselling fantasy author

“Bruce Fergusson’s two previous Six Kingdoms novels were a breath of fresh air in the often predictable genre of secondary-world fantasy. He hasn’t lost his touch with his latest, Pass on the Cup of Dreams. It’s inventive, quirky, and unpredictable—all the things I love in a book.” —Charles deLint, World Fantasy Award-winning author

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