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The Piper’s Sons

Cover for The Piper's Sons by Bruce FergussonHere’s what others have said about the first of Bruce’s suspense novels, The Piper’s Sons.

“Occasionally a new novelist can offer characters I’ve never met before, and occasionally a novelist can tell a story I’ve never heard before.  In this terrific debut, Bruce Fergusson manages to do both. The Piper’s Sons is a brooding, unsettling thriller that manages to redefine the meaning of skeletons in the closet.” — Stephen White, author of Manner of Death

“Bruce Fergusson has what most suspense writers do not:  command of the English language. You’ll be up all night unearthing the secrets buried in The Piper’s Sons, and Fergusson makes the digging a pleasure, not work.  A powerful debut that will stay with you long after you close the book.” — Greg Iles, author of Mortal Fear

Seeing that Fergusson’s tautly written debut novel deserves some lofty praise, let it be classified as a descendent of the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling [with] a denouement worthy of DeMaupassant.” — David Marshall James, The State (Columbia, S.C.)

“Fergusson knows how to make your skin crawl; he knows how to create an atmosphere so charged with genuine dread that you find it difficult to breathe…In some ways this is a rather amazing novel.  For one thing, it’s the author’s first published [suspense] novel, but it has the style and polish of an accomplished master.  Add to that the fact that Fergusson knows how to create genuine, complex, convincing characters, and you’ve got the setup for the gut-wrenching experience of The Piper’s Sons.  Read this book at your own risk.  But read it.” — Dan Hays, The Statesman Journal (Salem, OR)

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